Our Approach

At St. Augustine Paver’s, we say “Our Quality is Set in Stone” and the quality begins by having the best trained, most knowledgeable associates in the industry. It represents our commitment to providing our St. Augustine Paver customers with the level of professionalism, dedication and customer service they deserve. We are a team of knowledgeable, highly skilled professionals – from our dedicated and competent staff, to our courteous and helpful office staff, all the way through our production team to our crews and installers.

We offer products from the best manufacturer’s state wide. We specialize in the installation of concrete brick pavers, tumble marble, chiseled travertine, reclaimed brick, shell lock, and more. We’ll show you a range of design and color options to help you choose the pavers that best enhance your home and suit your personal style.

The key to a successful paving project is in the preparation. Before placing any pavers, our professional installers undergo a rigorous installation process, which includes: concrete/soil excavation; grade/slope setting; compacting the sub-base; base installation and/or screed sanding. These are just a few of the detailed installation steps taken to ensure that your pavers are built to the highest standard – and stay beautiful for years to come.

Next Steps…

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